Leading GCSE mathematics and English for post-16 learners

to the ‘GCSE Maths and English Leadership’ website, developed on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation. The website provides senior leaders and governing board members with information, guidance and resources to help increase GCSE English and mathematics capacity in the post-16 sector.

How might I use this website?

  • To review your current leadership and governance approaches to GCSE maths and English provision and strategic planning.
  • To access resources to effectively support leadership development to build GCSE maths and English capability in your organisation.
  • To learn more about how you can provide effective support for leaders to implement GCSE maths and English policy in your governance role.

Support for Governing

The Education and Training Foundation have commissioned and funded touchconsulting and CETTAcademy, as part of their Excellence in Leadership, Management and Governance programme, to design and deliver new learning and development opportunities for Governors, Trustees, Non-Executive Directors, Clerks, Senior leaders and those involved in governing. This includes:

  • FREE: ‘Governing Colleges’ newsletter
  • FREE: Four online self-study modules
  • £100: Twilight blended webcam course comprising 4 modules; facilitated by Dr Ron Hill + 3 coaching/mentoring sessions
  • £30: Package of three 45 minute online coaching/mentoring sessions


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If you are a governing board member, you can sign up for a fortnightly newsletter to get up-to-date programme information and news on governance in post-16 settings. You can access past copies of the newsletter here.

Using the website

To help you navigate round the site, please watch this short video [4.45]. It introduces the key sections and how you might use the resources you can find there. The GCSE Leadership programme the video refers to took place between 2014 and 2015. Click here to find information about current programmes for leaders, managers and governing board members.