Case Studies

Hugh Baird CollegeIn October 2015, OfSTED published four case studies of effective practice in GCSE maths and English called:

Increasing provision in English and mathematics through strategic planning

laptop with OfSTED case studiesThese case studies describe how four FE colleges tackled the growth in their numbers of maths and English GCSE learners through thorough strategic planning. Each college adopted very different, but successful, approaches to building their staff capacity. Each created a culture where all staff are motivated to support their students and all students are keen to develop their skills in English and mathematics. The case studies highlight some key success factors for successful GCSE maths and English programmes. You can read our analysis here.

Five Case Studies: the delivery of GCSE English and Maths to the 16-19 cohort, September 2015

In this section, you can read five case studies developed for the Education and Training Foundation by a team at the Institute of Education. The following organisations contributed case studies:

Case Study 1 – Accrington and Rossendale College: ‘The English and maths Steering Group and its role in driving a common cross college approach to English and maths’.

Case Study 2 – Barking and Dagenham College: ‘The impact of participating in research activities, with a particular focus on the development of cloud technology approaches to supporting students’

Case Study 3 – East Berkshire College: ‘The importance of learner motivation and self-belief’

Case Study 4 – Selby College: ‘Enrolment’

Case Study 5 – South Leicestershire College: ‘The importance of the English and maths curriculum manager: how to create change at middle management level’

Provider Voices

In addition to the case studies, our ‘provider voice’ section allows you to hear from some of the education and training organisations that took part in the consultation activities which informed this Toolkit. As well as hearing about some of the significant challenges they are facing, you can read about the strategies and approaches that senior leadership teams are taking to meet the significant GCSE English and maths challenges. The following organisations contributed their ‘provider voices’ in 2015.

Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce Training

City College Norwich

Hugh Baird College


Shropshire County Training

Walsall College

Writtle College

Sharing Innovative Approaches to Delivering 16-19 StudyProgramme Principles (English and Mathematics), March 2014

These projects were funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and involved the Institute of Education working with nine key partners from across the education and training sector using innovative approaches in engaging learners in English and mathematics. Learners featured were all undertaking 16-19 Study Programmes.