Engaging with staff

You need to judge how much information different staff require about GCSE policy and procedures – some might require just a general awareness while others will need more in-depth knowledge. For example:

  • IAG staff have an important role in making learners aware of the requirement to study maths and English as part of their study programme. They need an awareness of the policy requirement and the demands of GCSE qualifications, and appreciation of barriers that may have been created by learners’ previous experiences.
  • Vocational staff need to take ownership of maths and English. They need to responsibilityreinforce the message that maths and English skills are central to study programmes – and to learners’ future employment. Staff need to know how GCSEs differ from functional skills, and also appreciate negative attitudes to re-taking these subjects.

In the interview extract below, Fazal Dad, Vice Principal at Walsall College, explains the importance of including vocational staff in GCSE maths and English engagement activities:

  • Maths and English specialists also need to understand the strategic importance of GCSEs, and take on board more central role within their organisation.

Expectations of staff need to be communicated and managed unequivocally!   

Leaders and managers need to consider how they get their vision and strategy across to staff, and ensure that all staff become actively engaged and ‘on message’.  Organisations may want to consider:

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Practitioner-led research can be a highly effective way of engaging staff. The Foundation have funded organisations across England to undertake such research since its inception and many of the projects funded have focussed on maths and English. Information about emCETT’s practitioner-led research programme can be found by clicking the image below.

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Engaging with staffDownload a PDF version of these questions here.