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GCSE Subject Content and Assessment ObjectivesWe have gathered together all of the resources and links accessible throughout the site here for ease of access and future reference. You can also access the following from this section of the resource:


BIS (2013) The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Implementation Plan

BIS (2013) The International Survey of Adult Skills 2012: Adult literacy, numeracy and problem solving in England

BIS (2014) Further Education Workforce Strategy: The Government’s Strategy to Support Workforce Excellence in Further Education

BIS & DfE (2015) Further Education Workforce Strategy Support for Maths and English Teacher recruitment – the current offer for colleges and providers

BIS & DfE (2016) Implementing Rigour and Responsiveness Brief on progress for FE governors and leaders

BIS & DfE (2016) Post-16 Skills Plan 

(2016) Report of the Independent Panel on Technical Education

Boaler, J. (2013) Ability and Mathematics: the mindset revolution that is reshaping educationFORUM, 55, 1, 143-152

CUREE & emCETT (2014) The challenge of maths and English teaching in the Further Education and Skills Sector in England

Carol Dweck (Mindsets and Math/Science Achievement, 2008)  Mindset in learning  

DfE (2011) Review of vocational education: The Wolf Report

DfE (2012) Raising the participation age

DfE (2013) Increasing opportunities for young people and helping them to achieve their potential

DfE (2014) Statistical First Release Level 1 and 2 attainment in English and maths by students aged 16-18: academic year 2012/13

DfE (2015) Wolf Recommendations Progress Report

DfE (2015) Review of vocational education, 2011: The Wolf Report: recommendations final progress report

DfE (2016) 16 to 19 study programmes: Departmental advice for education providers on the planning and delivery of 16 to 19 study programmes, Updated January 2016

DfE Mathematics GCSE Subject Content and Assessment Objectives

DfE English Language GCSE Subject Content and Assessment Objectives

Dweck, C.S. (2008) Mindsets and Math/Science Achievement

ETF (2014) The qualifications of English and mathematics teachers

ETF (March 2015) Making maths and English work for all

Johnston-Wilder, S.; Lee, C.; Garton, L.; Goodlad, S. and Brindley, J. (2013). Developing coaches for mathematical resilience. In: 2013 ICERI 2013 : 6th International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation, 18-20 November 2013, Seville, Spain.

NIACE (2015) Engaging Learners in GCSE Maths and English

OECD (2013) PIAAC: First International Skills Survey

Ofqual (2016) Detailed Analysis of summer 2016 GCSE results

Ofsted (2008) Mathematics – understanding the score

Ofsted (2016) Further education and skills inspection handbook

Ofsted (2014) Transforming 16 to 19 education and training: the early implementation of 16 to 19 study programmes

OfSTED: Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2013/14

OfSTED: Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2014/15

OfSTED: Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2015/16

Richard, D. (2012) Richard Review of Apprentices

SFA (2014) Learning records service: personal learning record

The Research Base (2014) Effective Practices in Post-16 Vocational Maths

Wolf, A. (2011) Review of Vocational Education: The Wolf Report