FE Sussex

Fesussex_CSC_2FE Sussex produced a research report in 2015, which highlights both common issues and common effective practice in providers and colleges. While the report does not provide all the answers it does collate examples of effective practice which are currently being successfully used in colleges and training providers. In some cases this is as simple as ensuring timetabling is such that lessons are scheduled between the more popular practical sessions. In others the VLE and associated resources are put to good use, and enable face to face contact time to be maximised.

Recognition of the importance of GCSEs, and their contribution to the success of the college or provider, has not been quick in coming in all cases. Most colleges and providers have assumed conventional quality assurance arrangements cater adequately for GCSEs. Governing bodies and senior leadership teams do not separate out GCSEs, nor do they often have a governor or leader to champion their cause, understand the concerns of teaching staff and take an active role in driving up GCSE outcomes.

The strategic evaluation tool-kits developed as part of this project provide a ready and easy way for governors and senior leadership team members to benefit from the results of this research project. Suggestions for actions to improve standards are presented after evaluating their current approach to the monitoring of GCSE standards. You can access the resources below.

FE Sussex Research report

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