Video for governing boards

This GCSE maths and English video for governing boards outlines the:

  • funding changes related to GCSE maths and English (note that the video was made in 2015, so some of the announcements about ‘last year’ actually now refer to a longer time in the past).
  • challenges faced by organisations planning and implementing new GCSE provision.
  • ways to support senior leadership teams.

Here are some comments that senior leaders and governing board members have made about the video.

“Very good resource, we will feed this information and experience into future Standards, SLT & boards meetings at Grantham College. Thank you.” (Stewart Boylan, Grantham College)

“This is a very clear and concise way of highlighting the role of the Board in supporting and challenging the College’s English and maths strategy. The model questions are well suited to adaptation as key performance indicators for the Board to monitor e.g. qualifications and subsequent CPD for staff, GCSE success rates etc. We will be using this resource at Hugh Baird College Corporation and Quality and Standards Committee meetings. Thank you.” (Anne-Marie Nixon, Director of Governors, Hugh Baird College)

“Provided an excellent overview of the changes and the challenges for leadership and governance teams.” (David Crosby, Senior Leader, The Vocational College)